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Alternative Fuel Research Engines
Alternative Fuel Research Engines

VCRE SI-CI SERIES (Patent Pending) Variable Compression Ratio Engine Has been developed for Carrying out extensive Research work in the field of Engine Technology enhancement & for carrying out Analysis related to Alternative Fuel Developmentfor S.I. & C.I. engines.

Description :

Type - Single Cylinder, Four-Stroke, Spark / Compression Ignition In this engine, the compression ratio can be varied from by means of a system provided on the outside of the engine. Raising or lowering the total head assembly including the valves, camshaft etc.

varies the compression ratio. The linear movement of the head assembly can be measured by a micro meter and this reading can be used directly to calculate compression ratio directly by means of Graph & Table provided.

Technical Specifications :
  • Bore X Stroke - 87.5 mm X 110 mm
  • Cubic Displacement - 661 C.C.
  • Rated Capacity - 5 B.H.P. @ 1500 RPM when using High Speed Diesel @ CR 17.5:1
  • Compression Ratio Adjustable from - 5:1 to 11:1 (petrol), 12:1 to 20:1 (diesel) (Extendible up to 22.1 when using bio-diesel blends) Compression Ratio Can be continuously varied without changing the cylinder head
  • Water Cooled engine.
  • Fuel Delivery : Carburettor / Fuel Injection Pump, Direct Injection, LPG Gas Kit
  • Ignition System : Compression Ignition adjustable
  • Ignition Coil - Ignition timing -50o BTDC to 10. ATDC
  • Starting - Using induction motor with electromagnetic Clutch

The engine is provided with a pressurised water cooling system. Compression ratio is easily adjusted rotating the driving pinion provided to give drive to move the cylinder up or down a pre - set distance, measured by a micro - meter attachment. Compression ratio is adjustable even when the engine is running. The flywheel is calibrated in Degrees to allow accurate measurement of ignition timing, using stroboscopic light method. An adjustment is provided so that the ignition timing, can be adjusted while the engine is running. The head assembly is moved up & down by means of a precise fine threaded screw and Nut arrangement. The assembly can be locked at required compression ratio, by means of a slotted Guide Lock and Locking Pin arrangement.

Application :

  • Alternative Fuel Development for SI and CI Engines
  • Optimisation of Conventional CI Governed Engines for Various Bio Diesels and Bio - Diesel Blends
  • Improvement of Conventional Governed Diesel Engines
  • Testing of and Optimization of Fuel Additives
  • Testing of Lubrication Oils

Advantage :

  • Indigenously Developed and patent Pending Technology
  • Standard Spares of Kirloskar Engines, such as valves, crank - shaft, connecting rod etc can be used
  • After sales service available locally
  • Loading Equipments, Sensors for Performance and Heat Balance Sheet and ATEE's Combustion Analyser forms a complete R & D Solutions