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We are one of the well known manufacture and supplier of derives assortments of various supreme quality Engine Test System. Our products are widely used in various auto mobile industries to cater the requirement of two wheeler, three wheeler and four wheeler as well as Gear-Box, Electric Motor, and transmission Manufacture Industries.

The products offered by us include Dynamometer, Hydraulic Dynamometer, Dynamometer Controllers (DLC-2000), Chassis Dynamometer and many more.

"ATE" make Gravimetric Fuel Consumption measuring equipment consists of
  • A Container of Suitable Capacity, mounted on a Machined and Levelled Frame. This Frame is mounted on a High Accuracy Sensotronics load cell.
  • A Specially designed High Speed & high accuracy load cell signal conditioning board directly provides digital readings for weight to the micro-controller. The programmed micro-controller then takes care of operating the solenoid valves to control the measurement processes.
  • The Controller has facility of Digital Calibration by means of Key-pad and Display.

All the Functions during Measurement, Fill-up or in case of any failure are taken care of by the Microcontroller of the instrument Some of the distinct features of this instrument are as follows
  • Maximum & minimum Fill-up level setting w.r.t. weight of Fuel.
  • High Accuracy Load Transmitter for sensing the weight.
  • 4 ½ digit display for Measured Quantity with a resolution of 0.1 for weight & time and 1 for Revolution
  • Digital Timer Display 4 digits for displaying the parameter being processed.
  • Digital Display for selection of parameter.
  • Digital display for showing current Flow rate. The Flow rate averaging time is user settable. This display is continuously updated during measurement being carried out. The Flow rate display has a Lease count of 1 gm/Sec
  • Unique TARE & SET Calibration facility.
  • 3 modes of operation are provided viz. Time Base, Quantity Base & Revolution Base.
  • Automatic Cut offs at Errors
  • Auto Charging / Fill-up when fuel quantity reaches Set-Low value of Fuel
  • Overall Accuracy is within 0.3 % of selected Range. (1500 gm)
  • Elegant Finish Soft touch, Keyboard, Soft touch Keys for Range Selection, Mode Selection Etc, Ultra Bright L.E.D.’s for indication of Selections
  • The above instrument is micro-controller based

1 Dimensions of Control Unit 192 mm L x 96 mm W x 220 Deep
2 Weight of Controller Approx. 5 Kg
3 Dimensions of Measuring and Valve Unit 700 mm L x 490 mm W x 370 Deep
4 Weight of Measuring and Valve Unit Approx. 40 Kg
5 Supply Voltage 230 V 10%; 50 Hz 5%
6 Range Full Scale Range 1500 Gm
7 Overall Accuracy Typically within 0.3 % of selected Range (i.e. 1500 Gm)

Universal Engine Mounting Test-Bed

Universal Engine Mounting Test-Bed
Universal Engine Mounting Test-Bed

As a leading manufacture and supplier of sophisticated quality engine test system, we offered a premium range of Universal Engine Mounting Test-Be. These products enable to use same dynamometer for a variety of engine and mounts and it also acts as a floating foundation that adjust to match the engine/ prime-mover center with that of dynamometer shaft. The product consignments offered by us are stringently tested and checked during the manufacturing process to ensure the quality and reliability of the products.

Features :
  • Accurate dimension
  • Innovative design
  • User - Friendly

Computerized Engine Test Rig

Computerized Engine Test Rig
Computerized Engine Test Rig
Computerized Engine Test Rig

We are manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Control Panel. These control panels are fabricated using finest quality raw material.

Engine Test Rig

Engine Test Rig
Engine Test Rig

These highly appreciated Engine Test Rigs are manufactured with high quality raw materials that are procured from only the best suppliers. Our range of Engine Test Rigs has a 4 stroke cylinder and is highly demanded for its high performance and efficiency.

Volumetric Fuel Consumption Measuring Unit

Volumetric Fuel Consumption Measuring Unit
"ATE" make Volumetric Fuel Consumption Unit is designed to meet the latest requirements in the industry.

  • Fully micro-controller based operation. Elegant-finish Membrane-Keyboard. Soft touch Membrane Keys for Range Selection, Mode Selection Etc.
  • Three selections possible for Volume with use of double bulb pipette.
  • Fine Beam Infra Red Sensors for Level Sensing make the System immune to change in external illumination.
  • Overflow indication on the controller front.
  • Digital Timer Display 4 digits for displaying time – Range 0 to 999.9 sec.
  • Manual mode provided as stand-by in case of valve failure
  • P.C. interface ready with widows based software module (Optional)

1 Supply Voltage 230 V 10%; 50 Hz
2 Sensors Fine Beam IR Sensors
3 Accuracy of Measurement Time - 0.1 Second Volume - 1% of selected volume range
4 Digital Outputs At Timer Start and Stop – Optional
5 RS232 ports Optional