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Data Aquisition Systems
Data Aquisition Systems

Typical Configuration :
  • NI DAQ Hardware – typically 250 Ks/S aggregate (High Sampling on Request for High End applications)
  • Chassis for Sensor Connection – with 4 BNC Connectors for Voltage Inputs and 9 Pin D-Connector for Encoder Input
  • A 360 PPR encoder for 1 Degree Crank-Angle Resolution (0.5 and 0.2 deg CA resolution available with Higher Sampling NI Cards on request)
  • Kistler 6613 CQ09 Sensors with Inline amplifiers with suitable Power Supply for the same

Facilities Provided in ECA Software :

  • Configuration of Hardware with software
  • Engine Geometry Settings
  • Measurement settings such as Polytropic Coefficient, Pressure Curve Correction etc
  • Calibration Settings for Analogue Channels.
  • Online Display of Pressure v/s Crank-angle, Pressure v/s Volume, Instantaneous and Integrated Heat Release data, Pressure derivative signal, RPM variation
  • Online Calculations for IMEP, IHP
  • Bar graphs for instantaneous IMEP and IHP for observing cycle to cycle variations
  • Facility of Saving Cycle Data.
  • Facility of Report Generation
  • Facility of Combustion Data Export to Microsoft EXCEL
  • User can Zoom into Specific Portion of the Graphs during online data acquisition as well as in History mode (offline)