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Dynamometer Controller DLC-2000

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying the optimum quality assortment of Dynamometer Controller DLC-2000 which are precisely designed in order to meet the latest requirements in diverse industries for various application

The Characteristics and Advantages

  • Modular Torque & Speed Indicators enable easy maintenance / replacement avoids the system from total operational failure
  • Simple & Analogue Electronics based circuits
  • 3 modes of closed loop operation - Viz. Constant Torque, Constant Speed and Constant Current Mode
  • 19" Industrial Rack Enclosure enables ease of maintenance



 Dimensions  3U x 84 HP x 240 / 300 Deep


 Weight (excluding control transformer)  Approx. 12 Kg
3  Supply Voltage  230 V ± 10%; 50 Hz± 5%
4  Accuracy of Speed Control (Constant Speed Mode)  Typically ± 3 rpm
5  Accuracy of Torque Control (Constant Torque Mode)  Typically ±0.2%
6  Safety Trips  1. Water outlet Temp High
2.Low water inlet pressure
7  Limit Settings  Dyno / Engine Over-speed setting
Torque / Load limit setting
8 Control Cards  N-mode PID card 1 No
T-mode PID card 1 No
Dyno coil excitation Module with internal Constant Current PID & Safety Trips 1 No